Sundek Sports Systems

Sports Flooring

The company has acquired the status of the leading Supplier of Sports Flooring. The company has been actively involved in the procurement and marketing of a wide range of Sports Flooring, which comprises of Badminton Court Flooring, Basketball Court Flooring, Squash Court Flooring, Tennis Court Flooring and Volleyball Court Flooring. The Sports Flooring is easy to clean and maintain, and it ensures a good game for the sportspersons.

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Badminton Court Flooring

The company offers indoor as well as outdoor Badminton Court Flooring, which is made using materials like PVC at the vendors end. As a Supplier of Badminton Court Flooring, the company offers the finest flooring that undergoes UV surface treatment and is available in various colors and patterns. The Badminton Court Flooring is


Basketball Court Flooring

The company is a highly sought-after Supplier of Basketball Court Flooring, which is available in several colors and patterns. The indoor and outdoor Basketball Court Flooring is 13mm, and it can easily withstand all weather conditions. Made using the best grade PP at the vendors end, the Basketball Court Flooring is provided


Squash Court Flooring
The Squash Court Flooring is known for its anti-slip and insect-resistant nature, and it is made using the best grade PVC by the vendors. The curling of the Squash Court Flooring is less than 2 mm, and the shrinkage rate never exceeds 0.25%. The company is a major Supplier of Squash Court Flooring, and the surface treatment options include

Tennis Court Flooring
Offering the finest Tennis Court Flooring in variants like hard court, grass and clay, the company caters to indoor and outdoor stadiums. The Tennis Court Flooring can bear high loads and has a life expectancy of 10-15 years. The color variety and minimal maintenance needs of the flooring makes the company popular as a Supplier of Tennis

Volleyball Court Flooring
The variety of color and surfaces makes the non-slippery Volleyball Court Flooring as good as perfect. Being a Supplier of Volleyball Court Flooring, the company offers flooring that can resist water and fire, with the UV treatment making them more durable. The Volleyball Court Flooring can be easily cleaned and it can be installed in the